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Hola! Welcome to Trinity Oasis!

My name is Miss V. (Veronica). I am a forty-three year old Latina from a mountain village called San Dulce in the beautiful and majestic Puerto Rico. I have lived in South Carolina since 2006 after spending a couple of decades in and around New York. From Upstate to the Bronx and several places in between. I have always known that I wanted to do exactly what I am doing right now. Even back then when I was a geriatric nurse. I have always loved caring for and assisting in the healing of people and many have said that I have a gift that bears no accurate description. I beg to differ. It is my spirit that I've been given from the Gods to share with those that are in need of uplifting and healing. 
I am a very spiritual person and I truly have not met one person in my life that I have not liked. Though, some have ultimately earned themselves a spot on that list due to efforts of their own. I start everyone on the same level of trust that I want to be on. I trust you and respect you automatically. Until you give me a reason not to that is.

I have been operating at my current location for over the past two years and I have no intentions of relocating any time soon. Discretion and security are of my primary concerns for you when you come to see me and I want you to start on the right foot and be right at home when you arrive. I have been told so many times that as soon as I've met someone the initial feeling has been that of an old friend. Very comfortable and at ease. I want you to be completely yourself. No matter who you have to be (out there in the real world) we can can carve out our own little slice of reality that only you and I need be aware of and exist in.

It is my hope that you pick up the phone and call me to schedule if online is not your first option. Though, I have created the online scheduling for ease and expediancy. It's simple as looking at the date and time after you have read the different package descriptions and choose one that you want to schedule. It's available here and it is very easy to use.Once you select the date/time that you would like there is a little contact information that is required for contact purposes. I am not one to ever arbitrarily call you or email you. If you prefer not to be notified at all please say so when you schedule via the online comment section in the calendar app. I will need to hear your voice in order to confirmn your appointment though. 

I have several incentives that I offer from time to time through my blog here and other venues of communication that I use for those that I have seen at least once and I surely do not rush any time spent together. I actually tend to run over the time as the energy guides me to our destination. 

I take exceptional pride in what I do and I do truly love it. There is nothing else in this world I'd rather do than create smiles and giving people the ability to walk upright (even if it takes a while for you to regain your strength). It is always electric and spectacular for you as well as it is at the very least that for me as well.
Please come and introduce yourself and experience a true 'Trinity Oasis moment'. 

Miss V. (Veronica)
843-714-4565 (Call or text message)

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Check back later for new updates to my blog. There's much more to come!